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Have you been struggling to make the best out of your sailing experience? Well, the sunglasses you’ve chosen to wear have a lot more impact on your time in the water than you originally thought.

To start off, both direct and reflected light is much more intense on the water than on land, therefore your vision is impaired twice as much while sailing than on land.  

To prevent this intense glare and make the most of your time while sailing, sunglasses should be polarized and block 99-100% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays .

One of the most effective and affordable sailing sunglasses on the market are SeaSpecs.

Along with the overall high quality of their product, SeaSpecs come standard with their patented impact resistant polarized lenses which provide 100% protection from the Sun's damaging UV rays.

They also offer consumers a variety of frame colors and three different lens tints, which according to Sailing World Magazine, lens color is a choice that can greatly affect your day out sailing.   

Grey lenses, which give you the most natural view while sailing, block the sun’s brightest rays without changing your color perception but simply giving you a darker view of what you would normally see. Many people prefer grey lenses for days with powerful sunlight because they are the darkest.

Amber, brown or bronze lenses are best for unpredictable or lower light conditions because the contrast created by the lens increases visibility.

Ultimately, lens color is about your personal preference and there is no right or wrong decision about which offers the best protection. They basically perform differently under diverse light conditions.

Another feature to look for in sailing sunglasses is a wrap-around frame. This kind of frame will fit the face closely on all edges and will block light as well as water spray more effectively while sailing.   

Wrap-around frames also have curved lenses so light does not enter your eye directly because they refract, or bend, the harmful UV rays as they pass through the lens.



Have you ever dropped your sunglasses into the water while sailing only to never see them again? You might also want to consider choosing a pair of sailing sunglasses, such as Sea Specs, which are lightweight enough to float and have a comfortable, adjustable strap for maximum security.  

If you look for these key characteristics in your next pair of sailing sunglasses you could very well start enjoying your trips much more than before. Not only will you be out on the water longer but your eyes will thank you for the protection.

Obtaining the best protection from your sailing sunglasses should be your main concern as it can save your eyes from getting sunburned, or worse, getting a UV-related illness, such as cataracts, skin cancer on the eyelids, pteryguim and macular degeneration, where the sensitive area of the cornea begins to deteriorate.

So before you go out sailing again make sure you are wearing proper sunglasses that provide the necessary protection to better enjoy your time in the water.